What is a Prepper?

The word "prepper" is not a one size fits all word. Some preppers lean more to a military way of preparing known by many as a survivalist. Other preppers are homesteaders who have gone back to how our grandparents lived during WWII when being self sustaining was a way of life because of shortages during the war. Others are realizing the idea of being self sustaining is actually better for the environment and for our health by knowing exactly where our food is coming from whether it is from our backyard garden or from the local organic farm down the street.

Even more preppers live in areas more at threat for flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes or blizzards and have become preppers in order to protect their families well being in case of a natural disaster. Some people have been hit hard by the recession and have suffered bankruptcies and job losses and have become preppers to make sure that if another financial crisis hits they know they can feed their families during hard times. Finally, though not the last of the definitions, are preppers who prepare because of the possibility an outside force could threaten our country like a cyber attack that could take out our financial systems, electric grid, or even the threat of a man made or solar EMP.

Our definition for our family falls somewhere in the middle of all those. We see ourselves as a family who understands more and more each day the need to take greater responsibility for our own food, water, and safety of ourselves and our neighbors. We realize that first responders may come, but they could be victims just like us if a disaster strikes and that means help could have to come from further away and would take longer to get here. Knowing that possibility and that our government urges every citizen to be prepared, we see it as our duty, to our family, our neighbors, and to our country, to be ready to take care of our own and those around us if a disaster should strike.

It's our hope that sharing our story on this blog will help you on your way to building your own safety net just in case like we are, and we hope for all our sakes that we'll never need to use it!

Remember to read the "Disclaimer" page, our blog is a record of what we have done and are doing to prepare our own family for any emergency.