Disclaimer? You Betcha! Read it!

Let's get this straight, this is a personal web blog. Neither I nor any member of my family are experts on emergency preparedness, but we are experienced preppers and created this blog to share our prepping stories and day to day life as preppers, but the posts and pages on this blog are not all the information required to become a prepper or to be proficient at emergency preparedness. If you are reading this blog you are reading and assimilating information accepting any and all risk by doing so.

Once again, just by reading this disclaimer or any of the blog pages or blog posts herein you are accepting any and all risk if you try to do any of the things I or any other guest blogger may describe in this blog, and as the reader of this blog you will NOT hold the blogger AtHomePrepper1, their family, their grandchildren or family members from here to the end of the world, nor any contributing bloggers that may appear on this blog, not even our cats legally accountable because you decided to read our blog posts on our crazy adventures and thoughts on being a "prepper" and ended up hurting yourself or worse, ended up dead after a major disaster. This means if you read and or use any or all the information posted, linked or referenced on this blog you do so at your own risk

All views here are solely my own, or those of any guest bloggers that may appear here, and the words that appear here are bound by the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries this blog may be read in.  Also this blog may have links to other sites, if you click on those site links you do so at your own risk. If an ad appears on this blog it does not constitute an endorsement. We urge everyone to research any company before buying from them.

Now get prepping and have a nice day or night, depending on when you read this.