Tuesday, November 11, 2014


In the two years since my last post here so many of you have been busy reading! It has been amazing to come back and find that so many of you, actually thousands of you, have stopped by and read the blog. I realize now, more than ever, how many of us are constantly searching out information on emergency preparedness for ourselves, our families and our friends. It is heartwarming to think maybe a few of our experiences and ideas posted here have hopefully helped some of you and your endeavors to "be prepared."

Even though the posts here fell away for a while, rest assured our "prepping" hasn't stopped. Hopefully, in 2015, life will slow down a little and I can get back to posting here more information about what we have learned and experienced in our continued work in keeping prepared, as well as update some of the information links. If you see information on the blog that you would like to share with others (as Mrs Quilty recently asked about), please be sure to properly reference this blog's name and the blog's web link.

Keep warm this winter everyone, and our family hope's all of you have a safe and happy holiday season!

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