Monday, October 24, 2011

Sheltering at Home's Inaugural Blog Post

Today's the day, it's time to get blogging about our life as preppers and homesteaders. It's been in the works for a few months and now that the garden has been put to bed, the cover crop on the small bit of new tillage has been planted, and our winter stores of pickled relish and jams are now all put away we can finally get to blogging!

Our goal here is sharing. We're not experts, but we're experienced at what we'll share. We won't be selling anything or doing product recommendations, that's just not what we're about. (If you see ads on our blog, they are used to supplement our income solely to add to food storage and emergency supplies, and should not be considered an endorsement. We encourage everyone to research any company thoroughly before purchasing from them.) So Instead, we're hoping that by sharing our stories and preparations with other average American's like ourselves that we will help more  people realize that it is not that hard to be prepared for an unexpected circumstance if you just learn to incorporate "preparedness" or "prepping" into your daily life.

You might be surprised to know that the Red Cross says "only about 12% of Americans are reasonably prepared for a disaster." Maybe you are like how we were a few years ago. We were part of that majority of those families and individuals lacking in knowledge and preparation. We were probably a lot like you or someone you know, you think nothing bad could ever happen to you, that if you needed help maybe unemployment insurance, FEMA or the Red Cross will lend you a hand. Or maybe you lean toward what a Red Cross spokesman described as how many "think its too daunting, they don't know where to start or they do not have the time" to prepare for an emergency. Trust me, we've felt that way before, but after my husband lost his job a few years ago, after nearly losing our home, after 9/11 and Katrina, we quickly changed our minds. Just adding a few minutes a day in preparedness plans could help you and your family survive a disaster.

Our philosophy is that we do not prepare out of fear, we prepare out of our sense of duty. First and foremost is our duty to our family's livelihood and well being, then a duty to our neighbors who may need a helping hand. Disasters of any kind, whether it be a job loss, illness, blizzards, tornados, solar storms, or a terrorist attack, none of them will discriminate and all could have a devastating impact anywhere in the country. It will not matter if we're Democrats or Republicans, black or white, Buddhist or Christian, rich or poor, we will ALL be vulnerable. But we can lessen that impact by preparing and being self sustaining through food and water storage, making evacuation plans and emergency kits, learning to grow or make our own healthy food lessening our dependence on outside resources.

It might sound daunting, but believe me when I say it's not. What would be truly daunting, no the right word is devastating, seeing your children or loved ones go without water or food. So come along with us as we share with you what we're doing to keep our family safe in case of an unexpected emergency. We're all involved, me, my husband and our two sons. Stop by and visit again as you do more research, read other prepper and homesteading blogs like ours, watch videos, or read books. We hope you'll get digging and learning with us and share with us your ideas, recipes, gardening tips and emergency plans. We'll learn together from our own experiences and be stronger and fearless for doing it.

Finally, the Red Cross had a great campaign a few years ago, it said, "Do More Than Cross Your Fingers." That's just what we're doing. No finger crossing here, we're preparing, "prepping" our shelter at home.

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